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I'm Davor, aka DJ. I'm gay, Bosnian and a witch. I'm currently in a relationship with Brent, a wonderful guy who stole my heart. We got engaged on 09/13/03, Brent's 33rd birthday. I've been in the States since August 1996. I've decided to start writing this blog, or whatever it's called in order to get more motivated to finish my book. For pictures, go to website at You can email me at davorjm at if you feel like it.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Well, I'm typing again after a long time. It seems like the only time I am typing this shit is when I'm feeling restless, on the balcony, smoking and sometimes drinking. One might ponder about my own pathetic existence, having nothing else to do but this. Not that I care.

Funny thing, my friend Tina moved to Orlando few months ago and decided to come back to Jacksonville. My friend Z was supposed to move to Germany earlier this month. He quit his job and pretty much packed, but eventually stayed in Jacksonville. Seems like this city has some strange power over us. Like the time I moved to Portland, Oregon and came back after 10 days. Bizarre.

Saturday, April 02, 2005

This is what the official website of the Holy See looks like today. The picture represents "Apostolica Sedes Vacans," or "Vacancy of the Apostolic See." Pope Ioannes Paulus II finally ended his journey.

Monday, February 28, 2005

February 25, 2005 was my last day of employment at RRR. Effective March 2, I will be taking a position of Priority Services Coordinator at EverHome Mortgage. Above is the picture of some of the people I used to work with. From left to the right - First row: Cindy, Brandy, Bridget, Jeannine. Second row: Tammy, Kathy, Maty, Lakecia, Eric, Andre.

Here's another picture of Jacksonville, during the Super Bowl. I cannot believe how this city can look beautiful sometimes.

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Greetings from the cold Jacksonville, Florida. Just looking at the above picture of the downtown's Friendship Fountain makes me feel happy to be here. But, at the same time, I cannot escape the feeling that is probably the strangest city I ever lived in. Last week, on Thursday before the Superbowl, it took me over an hour to get home from work. It usually takes me barely 7 minutes, I live down the street from my place of employment. Beside the Superbowl traffic, there were several JSO vehicles parked on the corner of Deerwoork Park Blvd and Southside Blvd service road. I thought it was an accident. The next day at work I found out that construction workers found a body of young female. The tried for several days to find an article in the local newspaper or websites something about this crime. There was nothing. It's a Super City, with super life, super people and Super Bowl. News offered nothing but stories about Eagles and Patriots. I was wondering did the city officials or the newspaper editors really think that the guests would believe that Jacksonville is crime free? Today at work, a co-worker of mine told me that the body found was actually her friend, a local young attractive girl in her 20s, who's been missing for 24 hours. She was known as a party girl, and I guess she got to party for the last time before she was brutally murdered. No additional details are known to me. What amazes me the most is that things like this do happen here. Did people simply stop caring?

Saturday, January 29, 2005

That nasty expensive champagne is kickin' in

And EVERYONE is enjoying my apple martinis

Brent, Joe and Cher

Another one

These are some pictures of me and my friends having fun on the New Year's Eve. Posted by Hello

This is my website, which I have not updated forever. Every fucking time I try to do it it tells me that I don't actually have a website. Usually I'd say many good things about Comcast, but this thing is PISSING ME OFF!!!! Anyway, if you want to look at some ridiculous pictures of me and my friends, check it out. Posted by Hello

My friend Tina's Blog, in which she says:Melissa and Kim are a lesbian couple and they're pretty open and affectionate towards each other, such as holding hands and putting their arms around each other. A couple of people brought their kids with them to Angela's today, so Kim and Melissa were trying to be conscious about not holding hands & stuff in front of them. I asked them why because it's not like they're making out in front of children, they're just holding hands. And they said because they were afraid parents would be weird about it, not wanting their kids exposed to homosexuality or whatever. I was like fuck them. That's life and it's healthy for children to be exposed to different lifestyles. I told them if they were ever around my daughter to please not alter their behavior. I want her to accept diversity and realize there's nothing "wrong" with someone just because they're different from the "norm" or the majority. Kim said that it was people like me who would change the world because when other kids come up to my daughter on the playground and say "Ew, that person is a lesbain." My daughter's response will be, "So?". Yay me!
Yay TINA!!!!
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Tina in a green wig, sipping some nasty ass beer Posted by Hello
I recently went to my friend Tina's blog, and almost died laughing after reading some of her shit about her friend Will and his ex whom she calls Fat-Ass. Tina is one of the funniest people I know. Above you will see a picture of Tina at my Festivus 2004 party. Also, click on the link to read Tina's blog.

My friend Chris performing in Metro Posted by Hello

Another pics of Chris performing Posted by Hello

Chris performing Posted by Hello

Chast, in Wakulla Correctional Institution Posted by Hello
It's been forever since I wrote anything in this thing. I have no idea why, but I just haven't felt like writing anything lately. Well, I wrote my December, January and February articles, all of which have been published except for February, of course.

I've been in a rather strange place lately. Today, all I did was browse the Internet, download porn, smoke cigarettes, and drink coffee. Oh, I did pay few bills, but that was done online so I cannot really take any credit for that. I was trying to write a letter to my friend Chast, who's currently in jail, but I couldn't even bring myself to do that. I posted his mugshot from the Wakulla Correctional Institution above. He is currently a property of the State of Florida Department of Corrections.

Sunday, November 14, 2004

I chatted with Eric from SLC and the bitch is not coming to Jacksonville. What an asshole. Still, I am not giving up yet. I will be emailing him tomorrow and try to talk him into flying down anyway. I already told him he can survive eating Ramen Noodles for 2 weeks until we get paid again.
Brent and I went to The Metro ( last night. It was nice. My friend and co-worker Jeannine and her fiance Rahim went with us. Of course, they're a straight couple but Jeannine did tell me they had a good time and will be coming back.
Of course, I got drunk after 3 apple martinis and 2 Smirnoff Apple Twists. I felt no pain by 3:00 AM, which did not stop me from making food as soon as I got home and watching "Friends" 8th season on DVD until 5:30. Brent woke me up shortly before 6 AM and made me go to bed.
I picked up a couple of copies of "Out In The City" to distribute at work tomorrow. The article is actually good, in my opinion but they butchered it somewhat and left few important details out so the story does not flow well. Still, the point is there, which really matters. The article is titled "In a word, what is cheating?" I think I summed it out pretty well.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

For some ridiculous reason, I feel so drained and tired. Brent has been sleeping since 7:30 PM and was complaining about his backache. Since this means no dinner, I made couscous and I'm waiting for the enchiladas to cook in the oven.

I chatted with my friend Eric from Salt Lake City, UT today via MSN Messenger and invited him to come visit for the New Year's Eve. Hopefully he will make it here, so it should be fun. I still have not finalized my plans for the Festivus Party, which should take place on December 18, 2004, one week before Christmas.
Another day... I am sitting on the balcony again, smoking a cigarette, having some Classic Coke and pondering about stupid shit that seems to never leave my head. I was reading some posts on the Florida Times-Union website ( and some dumbass' comments about how gays want "special rights." Of course, he thinks we will all burn in hell and he feels like we're shoving our "deviant behaviour" down his and everyone else's throat. OK, fine. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. What bothers me is his next statement directed to another, more moderate reader. He writes to the moderate reader that he can marry anyone he wants to, just don't do it in this country. USA is a free country and no one has to be forced to believe in something they don't, such as homosexuality. Then he brings up the Bible and ow the US was founded on the Christian beliefs and it must stay that way. OK, now I am totally lost. So, I cannot express my beliefs but he can? I wanted to mention to him that homosexuality is not a belief. I don't "believe" in it. I LIVE IT. It's not even a lifestyle, it's simply who I am. I cannot comprehend the fact that there are so many evil, ignorant people living around me.

When I came to the US from Bosnia, 8.5 years ago, I came because of my beliefs. Those beliefs included and they still do - a simple thought - LIVE AND LET LIVE. I almost feel like I'm thrown back into the middle ages and the witch hunt hysteria. I still remember seeing the news report about Matthew Sheppard's murder in Wyoming. People carrying signs "Matthew Burns In Hell" and "Death to Faggots" actually came to his funeral. Is this the Christian solidarity? I wonder WWJD, what would Jesus do or just say to the faces of these people if they were to face him right now? I do not believe in Jesus or in the Bible but come on! Is there at least some common sense left in the world today?

Pigeons on Piazza San Marco in Venice - again Posted by Hello

Pigeons on Piazza San Marco in Venice Posted by Hello

DJ and Brent in Venice, Italy Posted by Hello

DJ in Venice.... The Grand Canal and Santa Maria Della Salute Church in the background Posted by Hello

Venice Posted by Hello

Venice Posted by Hello